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Our partner´s CT Executive Search Newsletter "Russia – Recovery or Stagnation?"

Interview: "Sanctions are the main topic for European businesses"

Interview: "Opportunities get out of sight"

Analysis: Sanctions - overview and recommendations


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Article by Tax Practice Consultant from Brand & Partner in "The AEB guide to investing in Ru"

Beneficial ownership concept: how it could affect your business in Russia


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Article by Labour Practice Consultant from Brand & Partner in Trudoviye Spory Magazine

Labour practice consultant Marina Akeeva wrote an article for the January issue of Trudovye Spory Magazine.

The article focuses on the contestation of penalties imposed by immigration authorities. The article examines specific aspects of jurisdiction in disputes with immigration authorities if the company is to be held liable.


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Interview with Thomas Brand in Trudoviye Spory Magazine

The January issue of Trudovye Spory Magazine features an interview with the executive partner of Brand & Partner.

The interview tackles challenging issues in Russian immigration law, as well as the primary differences between Russian and German labour laws.


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LEGAL UPDATE 2018 – New Addenda to the Russian Laws, January 31, 2018, Moscow

The Legal Committee of the Foreign Trade Chamber (AHK) invites lawyers of AHK member entities to its traditional Legal Update seminar. The Committee’s members will dwell on the most important legislative changes of 2018, which will affect almost all market players. The following issues will be discussed:

Strengthening corporate founders’ responsibility

Cancellation of transaction certificates and other important novelties in monetary law

Use of a VPN in Russia: prohibited or not? An overview of the changes in the IT field

Major transactions: control changes

Sanctions policy: a case study for corporate lawyers

The 2018 FIFA World Cup and other hot topics related to foreign employees

Members of the seminar will have the opportunity to listen to Committee experts on these topics as well as others and receive direct answers to any questions that interest them. Participation is free for AHK members.